Or he's just a frustrated sportscaster! OR he's just trying to make a name for himself in a crowded weather forecasting world. Maybe WZZM 13 would hire this guy for it's "On Target" weather forecasts! If nothing more, he's got a style all his own!

Here's Tom Murphy from WBKB in Alpena...if you have ever watched TV from Alpena, it's interesting to say the least. Alpena is one of the smallest TV markets in the country, so when they hire talent, they sometimes have to stretch their expectations when it comes to the on air performance. Tom is trying, can't deny that. But I'm not sure he will be on the Weather Channel anytime soon!

I found this originally on the Portland Mercury Blogsite. They obviously know talent in the Pacific Northwest! Have NEVER heard anyone call Grand Rapids "The Dirty South" before, but...

Go Tom Go!