5 Products that Will Be Exposed as (Phony) in 2011

Just like the Power Balance wristbands that promised to increase strength, balance and flexibility, but in reality did nothing (get your money back here, btw), Cracked.com has 5 other products that offer no useful purpose and are a complete waste of money:

#5. Shape-ups - Developed by Sketchers, the shoes are designed to tone your calves, thighs and butt. Problem: The ONLY independent study of the shoe found they don't work.

#4. Kombucha - It's a fermented tea that supposedly fights off disease. The only thing worse than its taste, is the fact that there hasn't been one human trial published by any medical journal. Worse - the drink hospitalized two women with metabolic acidosis, one of whom ended up dying.

#3. 3D TV - Two problems: The headaches and eyestrain involved, and the uncomfortable glasses that are involved in watching 3D pop from your screen.

#2. Bottled Water - Bottled water is actually held to less rigorous standards than tap water. In fact if it doesn't cross state lines, it isn't subject to FDA regulations. Oh, and it's not coming from the mountains. It's most likely from the lake where we get tap water.

#1. Paper Toilet Seat Covers - It's nearly impossible to catch a disease or parasite from a toilet seat unless you have severe open wounds on the back of your legs or but cheeks. If that's the case - get to a doctor. Or go home and use your own bathroom. BTW: Did you know a toilet seat is actually cleaner than a keyboard or a mouse?