Another recall to tell you about: Coby brand TVs.

The recall is for Coby 32-inch flat screens in black. Model number is TFTV3229 and the serial numbers start with LG and have M07 or M10 in them.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has gotten reports where the TVs overheat, smoke or catch fire.

If you own one of the Coby TVs, turn it off and unplug it immediately. 

The Coby corporation is out of business. So, you should contact the retailer where you purchased the set for information on refunds or exchanges.

Several retail stores are offering to help with the recall:

ABC Warehouse: (855) 510-0070 or

Best Buy: (800) 566-7498 or (click "Product Recalls" at bottom)

Sears/Kmart: (888) 852-3571 or or (click "Product Recalls" at bottom)

Toys R Us:  (800) 869-7787 or (click "Product Recalls" at bottom)

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