I've never seen CCR - the original, as the band officially broke up in 1972, and well, that was that. Creedence Clearwater Revisted was formed in the 90's and hasn't looked back since.

They played the Meijer Gardens last night, and it was non stop 100 minutes of Great Music. They didn't miss a song that was a hit. They sounded great from beginning to end.  Yes, they even included the 14 minute version of "I Heard it through the grapvine". They only song they didn't do that I could think of was Forgerty's "Someday Never Comes" - which is a bit slow. Otherwise, they played every hit CCR ever had that I can remember...

The Place was packed, the weather was perfect, and it was good old Rock and Roll! If you get a chance to see the new CCR - Do it - worth every penny!

Well Done!