Celebrities have to stop dying.

It seems like there's been a lot of them lately.

Some have been more famous (Philip Seymour Hoffman).

And some like Hal Douglas are not. You know who he is, but you just don't know why.

Douglas was among a select group who voiced movie trailers -- along with others like Mark Elliot, Don LaFontaine and John Leader, who worked for Classic Hits 98.7 WFGR's sister station, 97.9 WGRD, as a morning show host during the '80s.

Many movies in the past 40 years have had trailers voiced by these men.

LaFontaine died a few years back. And now Douglas has passed.

Here's a video with those million-dollar-voices: LaFontaine, Leader, Al Chalk, Elliot and Tate. And a special guest in Douglas.

RIP, Hal.

Close your eyes and listen to that video. You know those voices.

Here's Hal all on his own. Again, you will know him when you hear him.

ThinkStock via TSM Media Center