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Should West Michigan Schools Do Away With Snow Days?
A school district in South Carolina is taking away one of the best parts of winter for kids - snow days. Anderson School District 5 in Anderson, S.C. will begin using an eLearning program this year that will eliminate snow days altogether. Do you think West Michigan schools should follow suit?
South Haven Bans Smoking on Beaches and in Parks
The South Haven city council voted at its meeting Monday to ban smoking (including vaping) at public beaches and parks. This new law is expected to be enforced beginning around July 18, 2018.
Hot Weather is On the Way - Keep These Driving & Refueling
Summer is here, folks are travelling, and the weather is heating up. With high temps and humidity expected this weekend, we wanted to take a minute to remind you of what to do to keep the air quality clean (and also keep some money in your pocket.)
Get Involved With the #GRSummerProject
What are the changes you'd like to see happen in our local community? We're encouraging local kids to be the change you want to see in our community.