On Air

The Jojo Show

Hosted by Jojo Girard

I was born one of a family of eight in Saginaw. We were loud and more often talked ’at’ each other than ’to’ each other, a skill which is perfect for radio.

After graduating from CMU, I worked at a station …

Steve Labenz

Growing up in suburban Detroit, Steve’s earliest memories are of Motown, blues and rock coming from his ever-present radio.

While in high school, Steve worked at Cousino High School’s WPHS radio and interned at the leg…

Scott Winters

Hosted by Scott Winters

I have been on the airwaves here in West Michigan for over 25 years! From Morning Radio to Newstalk.

Having grown up in Grand Rapids, it’s nice to be able to have such a long broadcasting career in my own hometown. I love Mi…