So I was flipping around last night, and guess who I saw on...Snooki! That's right, the MTV Jersey Shore sexpot was hawking her perfume and slippers on TV. And online. And who knows where else. Included: A tutorial on how Snooki puts on perfume for "either going to the store, or going out to get a coffee, or going to the club" OMG!

I'm really amazed that Flo the Progressive Insurance lady or North Clarke from Rose City Motors haven't been on a shopping channel plugging something. I mean if Snooki can make it, well....I don't really ever watch anything with Snooki, or "The Situation", or any of the Jersey people. However, there was just a teensy bit of cleavage on Snooki that made it bareable! ;)

Here's video from last night. Watch at your own risk!