Something no one really has thought of, or at least no one talks about it. Insurance companies spend a huge amount of money on advertising.

Why? And more importantly, how?

Let's look back to a few years ago. Big insurance companies like State Farm, Farmers, Geico and Progressive didn't spend the massive amounts of money on advertising because disasters--natural and man made--hadn't hit the level they did after 9/11.

The tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the big Sandy Storm, tornadoes, etc., have made insurance companies fabulously wealthy over the past 15 years or so.

So now they have so much money to spend on promotion and advertising they don;'t know what to do with themselves. You see the gecko and Flo all over the place, and State Farm hires lots of famous people to hawk their car and home insurance. And they now have officially run out of ideas.

Here's their latest commercial. When they bring back a hack "SNL" character from 20 years ago, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.