Drinking More Can Prevent Breast Cancer!
Here's some interesting News:
Researchers followed a group of women for 30 years and discovered there's a link between light drinking and an increased risk of breast cancer. The link between alcohol and breast cancer isn't new, but previous research found no risk for light drinkers...
Fake Doc Offered Free Breast Exams
Well, I guess it was worth a shot, but really...
Prosecutors say they've reached a deal with man they say posed as a doctor and offered free door-to-door breast exams!   HAHA - Who would fall for that?
Woman Sprays Breast Milk at Cops
Well, this is one way to try to fend off the cops!
A Lady is accused of spraying sheriff's deputies with breast milk is facing charges including disorderly conduct - Is spraying cops with breast milk disorderly conduct? hah!
There’s a BREAST AP for that!
Guess what? Yep, There's an App for that.  Breast Enlargment!
Nice somebody's  Facebook page might look a little perkier that real life? This app is kind of a before and after if you want a Boob Job.
The free app is aimed at women who are thinking of getting a boob job and want to …
Breast Milk Ice Cream No More!
Ok guys, Well breast milk ice cream is no longer available in England. Local authorities in London have pulled the unusual frozen delicacy off the shelves of The Icecreamist in response to public complaints over whether the shop should be selling edibles made from human body fluids.
Happy Valentines – WOW!
Couldn't Make this Up... a 6th Grade Girl found this among her candy hearts at school!  Oh Dear! I suppose "Nice Breasts" may have been a bit more appropriate... unless of case you gave on to a guy... and well, then that's a whole other issue...