What Question Does Michigan Google Most Often??
One of my favorite pastimes is to Google stuff I don’t know. Usually it’s history stuff, or how to steam an egg rather than boil it or something like that.  In this information age, I’m not alone with using Google to find answers to life’s most challenging questions...
Google Is Developing an App to Keep You From Seeing Spoilers
It’s a familiar scenario for most people: You haven’t watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones or Mad Men, or you’ve yet to make it to the theater to check out the latest movie your friends have all been gushing over. But social media is an irresistible force, so you hop on…
The Most Googled Brand In Michigan?
The most Googled brand in Michigan?
It is probably what you think it is.
What are we known for? Cars. Who are the biggest car companies in the world? General Motors, FORD and Chrysler.

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