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Hudsonville Ice Cream Wants Your Help Coming Up with a New Flavor!
If you're an ice cream lover and you're from Michigan than chances are you've had Hudsonville Ice Cream. They're known for having flavors that are Michigan-inspired and now they need YOUR help creating a new one.
On the company's Facebook page it says that they are running a contest until May 26th ca…
Ludington Restaurant Breaks a World Record!
Ludington is now in the Guinness Book of World Records!
House of Flavors restaurant found out on Wednesday that they set the record for the "world's longest ice cream dessert." In June, the restaurant attempted to break the previous record by setting up eight blocks of an …
Nestlé Recalls Drumstick Ice Cream Because of Listeria
Not the ice cream!
Now it's time to check your freezers because Nestlé has issued a national recall on their Drumstick ice cream cones. The recall comes after tests on manufacturing equipment at their factory in California, came back positive with listeria...
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Beer is Coming!
Drop everything because Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Beer is here! Well not until this fall but it's what you'll want to put at the top of your grocery list!
Thrillist reports that Ben & Jerry's, who are basically ice cream gods, teamed up with New Belgium Brewing to come u…
Michigan Ice Cream Parlor Ranked Best in U.S.
As warmer weather finally hits West Michigan, it's time to enjoy the best summer treat out there: ice cream.
There are tons of great ice cream parlors here in the Mitten State, and one has been named the best in the country by Tabelog, a website for food lovers.

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