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Justin Bieber Compares Himself to Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber -- the King of Pop and the reigning crown prince who many think (or thought) is in line to inherit MJ's crown -- have a lot in common. Apparently, the Biebs relates to how Jackson was persecuted and put upon by the media, thanks to a photo he posted on his…
Justin Bieber Arrested in Miami
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Another day, and more Justin Bieber drama.
Bieber was arrested near Miami early Thursday.
Celebs Share Their 2013 Christmas Celebrations Photos
Your favorite celebs and pop stars celebrated both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and shared images from their festivities with families and friends via Instagram and Twitter.
Apparently, onesies were a thing this Christmas and shots of food remain ever-popular...
Someone Was Going To Kill Justin Bieber. Darn.
I usually don't get caught up in pop culture stuff like the Kardashians, or Miley and Lindsay, and especially Justin Bieber, but this one about the Bieb's was too good to pass up. I'm very lucky, my 9 year old daughter hasn't ever gotten into the phenomenon that is Justin. Whew!