The End Of Movember
The month is about over. Which means I get to shave! Actually the Movember cause SHOULD be a year round event. We should be aware of Men's health issues like prostate cancer and others all year round. Like the holidays, we should be kind and loving people all year round, not just for a month.
The Whiskers Of Movember Come Early…
It's week three of Movember. No shaving to bring awareness of prostate cancer and other men's health issues. Men over 50 should have their prostates checked at their physicals. Come on guys, stay healthy!
It’s Movember Baby!
A week into Movember--growing facial hair to support Men's health issues like Prostate Cancer--and I look like a 14 year old boy trying to grow a beard. Yep. It's pretty awesome. Or it's not. HA!
Welcome To MOvember!
It's on again. Movember. Time to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer in Men. You can't grow facial hair without a reason. Whether you are an evil pro baseball team from the East Coast, or just a dude like me, the hair has a cause.

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