picture of the day

Craig’s Picture Of The Day No. 65
So went to a new place for lunch today. Fat Johnny's. I'm sorry ANYPLACE with "Fat" in the title of the place, is A-O-K by me! On Division, soon to be moving to Monroe Center. Tasty.
Craig’s Picture of the Day No. 37
Kids grow up so fast.
Yesterday, I shared a picture of my son, Hunter, barely above a snowdrift at my house.
Today I give you my daughter, Jaylynn, on our weekend trip to the store.
Craig’s Picture Of The Day #35
Who says food porn isnt appealing? Ok most people. But instead of posting it on my Facebook page, Im posting my steak and potato dinner from last night here! Look I'm not a fancy guy. Meat and potatoes are my thing.
Craig’s Picture of the Day No. 34
The high temperature today is supposed to be 12 degrees.
With this being our second polar vortex blast of the winter, I thought for the Picture of the Day today we would harken back to those days of summer and warmth.

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