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Craig’s Picture Of The Day No. 89
Hey look what's back? The picture of the day! I couldn't resist this. Was in the studio on the air on WFGR, Like any other day, and saw this come up on the old internets. It's kinda funny and sad all at the same time.
President Obama Announces Gun Control Proposals
With all the gun violence that has overwhelmed this country in that past few months, President Obama has signed a 23-part executive order that is designed to negate some of the violent acts with guns. These orders are in addition to all the laws that Mr. Obama wants Congress to pass soon.
‘Autotune the News’ Turns Presidential Debate Musical
That's what was missing from yesterday's debate -- a keytar! Brilliant YouTuber Schmoyoho went through footage of the debate from last night between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and made it into quite a catchy little song. One way or another, you WILL be interested in politics this electio…