Quiz: Who Said It: Donald Trump or George Costanza?
Last week, Republican candidate Donald Trump was called to account for a tape that had leaked to the Washington Post. In it, Trump is heard bragging, in extremely lewd terms, about his treatment of women. Trump dismissed this conversation, which was recorded on an open microphone moments before an i…
Jerry, George and George All Eat at Tom’s
I have been transported back to 1996!
A picture shows Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander and Larry David walking into Tom's Restaurant (a.k.a Monk's Diner) to have lunch and talk about some big show biz deal.
But they all look the same as from the old "Seinfeld" show, which …
Today Is “Nose Picking Day”…Really?
Yes it's true. Today is Nose Picking Day. Come On, you have all picked your nose. And probably in public. AND probably have been caught too. You know it's a real day AND something worthwhile when there's a TV show with an episode devoted to it. Jerry Seinfeld was the master of the sub…

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