The Eight Best Wines From Michigan
As you enjoy summer take the time to toast a long sunset with one of the best wines produced in Michigan.
Michigan's top wines have been sampled by the experts and narrowed down to eight award-winning Michigan wines.
And the Survey Says: Wine Beats Beer for Christmas
Much has been written about pairing wines with whatever you are serving up for dinner, or whether a stout or an IPA would best accompany that stew on your stove.
But when it comes to alcoholic beverage choices for American adults, how much does when factor into the type of drink one chooses?
‘Shark Tank’ Entrepreneur Who Got Away [Video]
My guilty TV pleasure?
It's not MTV's "Teen Mom 34" or TLC's "Sex Sent Me to the ER" (although ...) or ANY housewives that say they are "Real," but I doubt are.
No, my TV pleasure is five arrogant multi-millionaire and billionaire …
Angry Comsumers Complain when $2 Wine Goes up to $2.50
Shoppers at a Trader Joe's store said they were annoyed when the wine in the "Two-Buck Chuck" area went up in price 50 cents!
The Charles Shaw shiraz  which has been $1.99 - has now gone up in price to $2.49 per bottle, putting its "Two-Buck Chuck" name a…
Forklift Destroys $1 Million in Wine!
From the "Ooops, Sorry" Department:
A forklift loading cartons on an Australian dock dropped 462 cases of wine, sending $1 million worth of shiraz down the drain, Only one carton survived intact!  NOOOOOOOOO!
The cases of  Mollydooker Velvet Glove shiraz fell more than 18 f…
The Bob And Tom “Joke Of The Day”
The Wine Taster
In an alcohol factory the regular taster died and the director started looking for a new one to hire. A drunkard with ragged, dirty look came to apply for the position. The director of the factory wondered how to send him away. They tested him. They gave him a glass with a drink. H…
The Bob And Tom “Joke Of The Day”
Hymn #365
A minister was completing a temperance sermon. With great emphasis he said, 'If I had all the beer in the world, I'd take it and pour it into the river.' 

With even greater emphasis he said, 'And if I had
 all the wine in the world, I'd take it and pour it into …