It's easy to take for granted what you grew up having your whole life...the ease and convenience of having a 24 Hour Meijer right around the corner.  Whatever you need when you need it, it's right there and it's usually at the lowest price you will find anywhere.

The humble beginnings of Meijer as seen above, are still reflected every single day by the Meijer family who have had instilled in them since day one, that if you take care of your customers, they will take care of you.  Sure, they have grown to a national level retailer over the years...yes, the stores blossomed into a truly innovative experience called "One Stop Shopping" and yes, with the times they picked up the pace so they could serve a customer base that lives 24/7 364. (That's not a typo) :)

The best thing about Meijer though in my opinion is the fact that no matter how big, how convenient or  competitive the retail market has grown, Meijer holds on to the values that they built their business on.  Making sure their customers come first.

The "12 Days Of Giveaways" are sure fun, a lot of people get the "Top Toys" of the season this is true...but, I wanted to just take a minute to get you to stop and look around.  Just today, I had to visit my dad in the Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center.  He's going to be fine, but I tell ya, knowing that the center is there and now seeing it first shows that Meijer cares more about their customers than just running them thru a lane, bagging up groceries and handing you your change.  I have been to Meijer Gardens a few's beautiful.  It's a gift to West Michigan that is so big, we make national news as a travel destination because it's here.  The countless scoreboards at youth sports fields, the "Simply Give" program to help feed those who can't make ends meet at the moment... and heaven only knows what they do and don't get credit for, well it makes me stop and think just how proud I am to shop in my local Meijer.

Something I rarely talk about, my grandfather was a grocery truck driver....part of his route way back when was Greenville and he saw first hand how Fred built his business.....he would even tell me of how Fred would sometimes borrow money from another merchant in town to keep going, and making sure his customers expectations were met.  Those sure were different times, when people looked out for each other... and it would surely seem that it's a moment frozen in time for the Meijer family.  They truly do look out for their customers and communities they serve.

Thank you Meijer!