The Wall Street Journal has lots of time on it's hand to come up with these type of lists. "Best Places to retire" and "Coolest Places to invest" are just a few they have turned out in the past months. And now you can see where your career stacks up in their latest list of "Best and Worst Careers"!

So just to tip you off on MY thoughts about this list. "Disc Jockey" is on the 179. Below "Dock Worker" but ahead of "Military General" Betting General pays a little better.

So here's the list "2013 Best and Worst Careers" from The number one job? An Actuary. Up from number two last year. Ok I'll bite...what the hell is an actuary? According to Google and Wikipedia, "An actuary is a business professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty." Right. OK. THAT'S number one?

Guess I didn't see that coming. Would have thought "TV Traffic guy" would have come in a little higher. ;)