There's a video making the rounds of a guy giving his prom date a corsage made of a fried chicken drumstick.  I thought it was a cute viral concept for KFC, until I found out you could actually buy one.

I talked to the flower shop where it's possible to buy a chicken corsage.

So, after seeing this video of the kid giving his date a Chicken Corsage, I found the flower shop in Louisville, Ky., Nanz and Kraft, which distributes the floral arrangements nationwide.

I talked with Eddie, who told me where the idea came from and how the Chicken Corsage process works so your corsage has a fresh chicken drumstick guaranteed.

Eddie told me he's close to selling out of the 200 Chicken Corsages he has in stock, and that most of the people buying them were using them to propose to their prom date, rather than as the corsage they give them for the prom.
I also gave him suggestions on how to improve his product for next year.

Listen to the interview: