Today, the racist owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was banned for life from the NBA, and fined 2.5 million dollars. He reportedly said to his "girlfriend" (that she taped and leaked to the media--THAT'S a strong relationship...and also she's like 25 and he's 100) something to the effect of "I don't like black people and you shouldn't bring them to see my team. And I'm old." OK maybe he didn't say the last part, but he didn't have to. He is.

Today they still really don't know if it was him on the tape. And he didn't stop any black people from going to the games, working at the arena, or playing for the team. He just made a dumb stupid ignorant comment and obviously has some mental issues. And today they took the team away from him (which he didn't seem to care about for 25 years) and fined 2.5 million dollars. He's a BILLIONAIRE. It's like if they fined me 25 cents.

I don't agree with his ideas and thoughts, but this is America. I don't have to. This might have gone a bit too far, or they have been looking for a way to get rid of the guy for a long time. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, said it's a "slipper slope" to walk when you can take away this man's team for just his comments. NOT Actions. I again think it was probably the right thing, but still it's a bit scary.

I, on the other hand, had a good day.