All we heard about was how the Fiscal Cliff was going to be bad. Tax cuts going away, wealthy people not paying their fair share blah blah blah. Then the deal was struck, and the we, the little guy, wasn't going to go over the cliff. Yay! Well, thanks to congress, we still will suffer. Isn't it election year soon?

WZZM is reporting the IRS will have to wait until at least January 30 before taxpayers can file. "The delay reflects some of the last-minute changes enacted by Congress in early January under the American Taxpayer Relief Act" Great. Now most people don't get their W-2's until then anyway, but still. This happened last year and it took the IRS a couple of weeks to get this taken care of. Great.

Here's the full story from Channel 13 "Fiscal cliff to delay processing of tax returns"