The commercial for says it: one in five relationships these days starts online. Who hasn't been online looking for a mate of some sort? Most people have. My friend Karen from Up North is one such person. She's looking for love, or something on Plenty of And she's getting quite the responses.

So much response she has started her own blog, "The Underground of Internet Dating" to keep track of all the "quality" gentleman she is attracting. She is very pretty and sweet (she's my friend so OF COURSE I'm going to say that!) and deserves a lot better than some of these douchebags who are messaging her. Here's an example:

"Good day,
Happy new year. I would like you to read my profile and see whether we meet each others requirements. Please do reply irrespective of whether your answer is yes or no. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
P.S. He's not a doctor. Or a nurse. Or even a CNA... He works in a factory. From all I can gather, this is not a Halloween Costume either."


"How not to get a reply:
tomorrows my bday u should jump out of my cake for me lol

At least his spelling of tomorrow is correct!"

Poor Karen! I hope it gets can't get much worse!