Here's a National day I can get into! Or at least, well...;) Oh you know what I mean! Today is National "No Bra" Day for the women of WFGRLand. (And some of the guys too!) Why is this a National Day?

The website "fashionbyhe" explains "National No Bra Day is July 9, 2013"

"Who better to bring you the officially launch of the 2013 National No Bra Day, then the creator of the No Bra Revolution. National No Bra Day to He means a day of confidence building. As much as guys love the no bra thing for the pure fact that we can see your boobs, there is a much greater purpose behind it.

Chicks who support the No Bra Revolution, these are the same girls going braless all the time, are the girls with enough confidence to do so. Confidence is so hard to find in women these days, that anything He can do to help build it up, He will do. That includes No Bra Thursdays which acts as a celebration of these confident women."

Wait...there's a No Bra Thursday? How the hell did I miss this??? Im a big fan of this hole movement, to be honest. But I bet you already knew this....:)