The glass skydeck at Chicago’s Willis Tower appeared to have cracked under the weight of tourists, but the tower's spokesperson said it was just a protective coating.

What you talkin’ about WillisTower?

On Wednesday afternoon, a nightmare scenario played out at Chicago's Willis Tower SkyDeck -- formerly the Sears Tower -- as four tourists standing on part of the glass floor in a viewing box 103 floors -- 1,353 feet -- above Chicago heard a crack.

That’s right -- the very unbreakable glass floor for The Ledge at Skydeck Chicago has turned out to be very breakable, cracking under pressure just like the Chicago Cubs.

To be fair, these techie engineers probably didn’t take into consideration the weight of American tourists...

A spokesman for the building says not to fear -- it was just a protective coating on the Willis Tower ledge that cracked, something it’s designed to do. The structural integrity is completely sound.

Tell that to the family’s soiled drawers.