Here is something to know about TV these days...I am completely convinced before I die (I'm 41, so I'm hopin' to get another good 5-10 years :) ) EVERYONE in America, if they so choose, will have their own fully produced TV show on a secondary Cable network.

They big wigs in Hollyweird have almost run out of original ideas. Here is my review of what I saw on TV last night. I had to run to the store and tucked my kids in, so I didn't get home til about 10:30, so my review begins from there.

"Sand Masters" on the Travel Channel-I have to admit I saw part of this on Wednesday night...geez I can't even write a review about what I watched last night and have it ACTUALLY be on last night!
Anyway, this is a show about people who make elaborate sand castles and sculptures on beaches all over the country.

This is fine and all. Much like our local Ice sculpture guys from Ice Brigade. But what the ice guys do is cool and not at all desperate. This beach thing seems like they are running out of ideas. Next thing you know they will follow cops around on actual busts, or break into houses in the south and west coast and film the housewives. Of course, as long as THAT doesn't happen, TV will be in OK shape...

Next, "Biography-Ted Williams" on surprise! The BIOGRAPHY Channel. Strange, when they show the Ghost Hunters shows (again, ideas are starting to run out when they are chasing...ghosts...) on the BIO channel, it makes PERFECT sense.

Now if this had been about the "Greatest Hitter who ever Lived" it would have been something. But no. It's about Ted "Golden Voice" Williams, the former homeless-guy-and-Kraft-Mac-and-Cheese voice over actor. If you remember how the tale goes, Williams was thrust in the national spotlight in...January. 6 months ago. He's been around for 6 months, and is getting his own biography on the BIO channel. Now I realize he's in his 50's and all, but I watched this show, and am still wondering "How the HELL did they fill an hour about this guy?"

And finally, I watched "You Got To Be Kidding Me America". It's on at 1:35 am on Channel 41, or 4, out of Battle Creek. It's the ABC station there, and on most cable systems around West Michigan. This show, while locally produced, seems to think since they run at 1:35am on the ABC affiliate, they somehow are on the ABC TV Network. Of all the logo's on their website, the ABC Oval is the largest, and when they shill for "actors" on Craiglist, they bill themselves as running on ABC. Right.

This "SNL" ripoff--and I use the term "ripoff" correctly, has to be the worst produced, most horribly written and acted thing I have ever seen. And I'm not trying to be mean or cruel. I watched 15 minutes of this show, and never even came close to laughing. I also watched the show online at their website with our own Matt Hendricks. And HE never laughed. Our engineer Mike came into the studio when we were watching this show, and he laughed once. When the tubby guy said something about "masturbating". That was it.

The "You Got To Be..." website ALSO claims they show is watched by over 175,000 people a week. Really. That makes me want to say "You Got Be Kidding ME!" Also, they use "Let's Get It Started" by the Black Eyed Peas as their theme. Now maybe they are paying the Peas the royalties on using their song as the theme, but I doubt it. AND there's actual people advertising on this show. As far as I can tell, spending real money to do so. If I had a business, I would do anything in my power to NOT be associated with this show. It's that bad.

Look, it's a great idea for a town the size of Grand Rapids to have this comedy show, and the "My GR Weekend" show, but it needs to be done better. I'm not saying I could do it better, but for the love of god, I think I could try. I also think my Mom, who has no idea about television production whatsoever, could do a better job as well. See for yourself here

You've Got To Be Kidding Me America - Episode 2 from Season 4. from Five & Dime Productions on Vimeo.

So, after all that, I decided to go to bed. Thank god. I don't think I could watch anything else. Until the hockey game is back on. That I can stomach.