I remember the day was the deepest blue sky I had ever seen. Living in Northern Michigan at the time, I always chalked it up to how close we were to water. It makes the sky that much bluer. I remember I was watching the Today Show. From around 9 o clock on.

So when MSNBC replays the actual video of the day it's bone chilling. I have seen the video probably a hundred times, like most of us have. It still effects me. We have been talking around the radio station about how "It's been 12 years, is it still that big of a deal?"

Watch this video. Watch the plane hit the second tower. Tell me it ISN'T still a big deal. As for my mom it was when Kennedy was shot, this is my generations Kennedy. EVERYONE remembers exactly where they were when this happened. I still remember the whole day. The radio station I worked at played some music, but for most of the day it was talking about this.

Then you remember all the good after this tragedy happened. People were friendlier, there was more patriotism, and more good will for us Americans. The country and the world changed 12 years ago today. No one will ever forget that.