Is there a song that when it comes on, makes you put the pedal to the metal? Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin says it was rock and roll that caused her to speed through her home town recently.

What do you do when you get pulled over? Blame someone else. In this case, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin blamed Sammy Hagar for contributing to the lead foot that earned her a $154 speeding ticket last week.

Palin explained to TMZ that Hagar’s classic, “I Can’t Drive 55,” had come on the oldies station just before she was pulled over going 63 in a 45 mph zone in her hometown of Wasilla. “I wasn’t speeding,” she offered. “I was qualifying.”

Palin added that she'll pay the $154 ticket immediately.

What song gives YOU the lead foot? The Jojo Show's listeners weighed in.