Ever wonder what happened to your favorite singers from the 70s? WFGR is taking it upon ourselves to dig deep into your favorite artists pasts. Today- Andy Kim

Kim started out as a songwriter for the Archies - a pre-fab band in the vein of the Monkees that was essentially a means for maniacal producer Don Kirschner to sit behind the curtain and control the entire operation. Unless you've never touched a radio dial in your entire life, you're probably familiar with the Kim-penned hit "Sugar, Sugar."

As far as Kim's solo career, The Archies were a springboard to a recording contract and a 2 album dea.l After that, it gets pretty thin pretty fast. He released 20 singles between 1964 and 2010. Two songs were hits - "Baby, I Love You" made it to number nine in 1969, and "Rock Me Gently" which went all the way to Number One in 1974.

So, where's Andy Kim now?

  • He still performs in Canada, and he even has a website. Granted it hasn't been update mostly since 2010.
  • He does a Christmas charity event in Toronto, regularly featuring other popular Canadian acts (Alex Lifeson from Rush plays perennially).
  • He released an album earlier this year. His first in almost 20 years.
  • And, he still has great hair.

We're very happy for Andy but it's the classic stuff we love!

Watch Andy Kim perform 'Rock Me Gently' on Top of the Pops