Unlike most jobs, most people's salaries aren't public knowledge. Sure you can guess what the guy down the street makes, or what your accountant takes home each year. Heck If I even got paid for this, you probably wouldn't know what I make.

TV hosts, however, live in the public domain. And so what they make is pretty widely known. Business Insider now presents "The Insanely Large Paychecks Of 19 TV Personalities"

How does Kelly Ripa's salary compare to Matt Lauer's on "Today" and Jimmy Fallon's on "The Tonight Show"? TV Guide recently released its annual salary report, a list that rounds up the paychecks of some of television's highest-paid actors and TV personalities. Jon Stewart may be the highest-paid late-night host; however, there's one woman who has been keeping him at bay from being the highest-paid on television."

I'll give you a hint. It isn't Roseanne Barr. Trust me.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images