This is one of those stories I can't ignore. Without even knowing I'm a big fan of ample women, I AM a guy so it make sense. Lauren Odes was fired from her job at lingerie company Native Intimates for being "Too Hot". Really. A lingerie company and she's too hot. What?

The story goes on to explain her bosses tried to get her to "tape down her breasts" and cover herself with a sweater to her knees to stop distracting other male employees. “Given their business product, I don’t understand why I would be told I was just ‘too hot,’ ” said Odes, 29, who alleges she was sacked by Native Intimates after just a few days of working there last month. Odes said she was “appalled” when she was given a red bathrobe to hide her ample figure. “It was very shocking, very humiliating,” she told reporters.

Here's the full story from the New York Post "I am two big to fail: fired gal" We just don't have creative headline writers here like they do in the big city!