Remember back when you could walk into a fast food joint and feel good about the deep fried and grill fried food you were clogging your arteries with? Well, those days are still around, in one location.

That's Downey, California. The home of the oldest still operating McDonalds' from before "RK" (That's Ray Krok, the chairman of the board who took Mcd's and made it the behemoth that it is today) They still serve the deep fried apple pies, and other original McDonalds' goodies.

"What: The oldest operating McDonald’s in the world in Downey, California.

Why Go: For the nostalgic fifties charm, a chance to see Speedy, and a fried apple pie.

Where: 10207 Lakewood Boulevard, Downey, Calif.

Fun Fact: Ronald McDonald was NOT McDonald’s original mascot. The first mascot was a chef named Speedy, and you can see him at the top of the arch at the Downey restaurant."

Huh. That's been MY nickname for years! High-ooohh! Goodnight everybody!

Ingram Publishing/ThinkStock