It's hard to believe, but it's been twenty-six years since "Saved By The Bell's Jessie Spano uttered the words that so many of us remember to this day - "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so... scared!"

The episode "Jessie's Song" originally aired on NBC on November 2, 1990. 

In the episode, we witnessed Jessie resort to taking caffeine pills to help her cope with the stress of school and her involvement with the girl group "Hot Sundae" (which was comprised of herself and gal pals Lisa and Kelly). She takes a bunch of pills to help her study for a test and then crashes on the night that Hot Sundae was set to perform for a record company representative. When her best friend Zack comes to check on her, Spano ends up melting down, resulting in the well-remembered three lines.

The New York Daily News reports that this type of episode was not normal for the time. Not only were drugs rarely talked about, if they were they were generally part of "a very special" hour-long special.

“It was a stretch for the show.You gotta remember something. In those days, drug addiction and drug use on shows was very, very rare on a half-hour comedy. They would do drug shows on the one-hour format, but on the half hours, it was nil," the director of the episode, Don Barnhart, told Thrillist.

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