It's amazing how the internet works...

A few weeks ago I started looking into setting up a freshwater aquarium. So I went online and searched for "aquarium" and "fish tank". Now I'm getting ads for every kind of "tank" there is...including a military tank.

While scrolling through Facebook Marketplace, this suggested item came up...and it's right here in west Michigan!

How would you like to own your very own military tank?! You can own a 1943 Ford Universal Carrier for just $20,000!

The listing describes it this way: "I am selling my ford universal carrier. I was going to convert this to a panzer 1 but I decided I didn't want to put the time into it. It has a ford pinto engine in it right now but you could replace that with a focus engine if you wanted an upgrade. It needs a little work but it is able to drive onto a trailer for transporting. It needs a different accelerator cable installed. The travel wheels are all in very good shape as well as the tracks."

It is being sold by Tim Kelley who is located in Middleville!

According to Wikipedia, "The vehicle was used widely by British Commonwealth forces during the Second World War. Universal Carriers were usually used for transporting personnel and equipment, mostly support weapons, or as machine gun platforms. With some 113,000 built by 1960 in the United Kingdom and abroad, it is the most produced armoured fighting vehicle in history."

All that keeps running through my head right now is the Heywood Banks song "Bulldozer". In that song Heywood sings about owning a bulldozer and all the benefits. Things like: "If I had a bulldozer, All the doors would open up. People'd treat me with a lot more respect, Or I'd knock 'em down and squash 'em up." Imagine what you could do with your own tank!

Imagine driving down the road in your own tank! I wonder how those metal treads do in the snow? (I wonder if you can even make the thing street legal?)

I don't think this tank would be big enough, but I did see a story recently about a British car service owner who was offering customers a unique and bumpy ride to their next wedding or funeral. For $1000, you could get picked up for your party in a real armored personnel carrier called the "tank taxi."

I need to get my Christmas list started...

"Dear Santa, This year one of the things I'd like for Christmas is a real, full-size, drivable tank."

You Can Buy Your Very Own Tank

A man from Middleville, MI, Tim Kelley, is selling a 1943 Ford Universal Carrier Tank on Facebook Marketplace.

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