Community Legends Statues -- Who Are Those People?
If you have spent any time walking around in downtown Grand Rapids, you have probably noticed some of the statues. The individuals depicted in these statues are community legends -- people who have helped shape Grand Rapids into what it is today. Who are these people and what did they do?
Do You Remember the "Time Lady"?
The time change over the weekend reminded me of when we used to call the "Time Lady" to get the exact time while resetting our clocks after a time change. Do you remember the local telephone number, and the female voice on the opposite end of the line, who would give you time at the tone?
Michigan's Coolest Museums
The Discoverer website has come up with their list of the "Coolest Museums in Every State". We have so many interesting museums in our state. Which one is the "coolest" according to their website?

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