The Detroit Lions star wide receiver is not only a great football player, but he's also a pretty decent human.

Amon Ra St. Brown Met Lucas Prior To Sunday's Game In Chicago

While warming up before Sunday's Lions game against the Bears at Chicago's Soldier Field, St. Brown noticed a young man wearing a silver Lions jersey in a sea of Chicago blue and orange.

Amon Ra went over to visit the young man, who told him his name was Lucas. Lucas has a lot of physical challenges, which has left him in a wheelchair.

St. Brown described their meeting as 'heartwarming', and after the game returned to give Lucas his game worn jersey, which he was going to autograph for the young fan, only to find that he already left his seat.

So St. Brown tweeted out that he was looking for 'Lucas', hoping his fans could reunite the two.

Aidan Hutchinson And Bob Pittman Also Had A Visit With Young Lucas

St. Brown wasn't the only Lion who appreciated Lucas' fandom. Rookie defensive lineman Aidan Hutchinson along with linebacker Anthony Pittman stopped by to say hi to young Lucas, who is suffering from cancer, according to his dad.

But it was St. Brown who was most moved, mainly because Lucas was sporting his number 14 jersey.

He Found Lucas, And Amon Ra's Game Worn Jersey Is Headed His Way

It wasn't long before Lucas' dad was alerted to the post, and told St. Brown was looking for the boy.

David Gidelski reached out to St. Brown, and even included a photo of their pre-game meeting to make sure he knew it was him.

According to the Pride of Detroit web site, Lucas is the cousin of Ryan Newcom, who played with Pittman at Wayne State, so they were the ones who got him the sideline passes so he could meet his favorite player, but St. Brown was unaware of this before sending out his tweet.

All in all, the young Lions fan had the time of his life while in enemy territory in Chicago. Lucas was  born in Michigan, but his family recently moved to Chicago.

Hopefully Lucas will bring some good karma to the Lions moving forward!

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