No matter where you live, you’ve probably got some good doughnuts around. But The Daily Meal wanted to know where to find the best doughnut shop in every state. 

They analyzed reviews and ratings sites as well as local publications to figure it out and this is the list they came up with.

So, your best doughnut for Michigan comes from Kalamazoo, home of Derek Jeter, it's Sweetwater's Donut Mill.

The Daily Meal describes the Sweetwater's experience:

If you want a truly singular doughnut flavor, Sweetwater’s has you covered. Though Sweetwater’s offers nearly infinite takes on the doughnut, the series inspired by the most popular candy bars is what makes this Kalamazoo shop stand out. Yes, you can get doughnuts inspired by Mounds, Snickers and Reese’s candies. There are also masterfully executed classics, such as the Boston cream and powdered doughnut.

Excuse me, did they just say there's a Snickers doughnut at Sweetwater's? I guess I have a road trip coming.


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