Petoskey must be a different kind of place. A man was arrested there for stabbing a tribal police officer with a pen because he and his wife were denied re-entry into the casino. What's a little pee between strangers, right?

Wait, what?

On January 15th, Aaron Martin Vorac and his wife Carla Michele Weiskopf were enjoying some craps at Odawa Casino Resort. Not sure if they were doing well, and his wife didn't want to leave the table, or they were losing a lot of money, but either way, she decided that she'd just pee on herself, right there at the table.

For some reason, the casino doesn't think that's cool. They cut her off from alcohol at that point, and the couple left the casino.

The FBI reports that Vorac and his wife decided to get back into the casino, and when casino security saw that the couple wouldn't be turned away, they called in the police.

Vorac got a little aggressive at this point, punching and stabbing the police officer with a pen, and punching him in the groin. Once Officer George Closser got punched and saw blood, he rightly decided it was time to arrest the idiot. Vorac has been charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding a federal officer. Yep, that's right, this is a federal crime, since the casino land is held in trust by the federal government for the tribe. Oops!

By the way, this all began at 4:30... IN THE AFTERNOON!

Apparently there's video of the attack, and I'd love to see it!

In the complaint, authorities said the casino’s security surveillance video was reviewed by tribal police officers who reported that the video footage appeared to be consistent with the casino security personnel’s account of the incident.


I'm picturing a weirdo trying to bully a cop, with an equally weird woman behind him, and she's completely drenched in pee. I also tend to picture this inside a Walmart, but it happened in front of a casino, so you can delete that part of the image.

Vorac waived his preliminary hearing in Federal District Court here in Grand Rapids last week, and goes back tomorrow for a scheduling conference for his hearing, after being released on $25,000 unsecured bond.

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