It's amazing what you can find on My List! Craigslist! Here's another AWESOME post. Especially if you are looking for people who enjoy, ahem, the other side.

I'm not talking about Star Wars or Pink Floyd. I'm talking about "Clown Love". Read and prepare to have your mind blown.



Looking for fun, beautiful female clown - 36 (Grand Rapids)

I’m a swm. Yeah, you read it right I think it’s a fetish.. It’s innocent, and very enjoyable and rewarding for her. It’s sad and frustrating, trying to find a woman that understands me on a dating site or a bar.:( I’m looking for a long term loving relationship. My lady friends state I’m “good lookin’” and I also have a few extra pounds to work on losing. If clown costumes, makeup, oversized shoes, big red noses and the occasional cream pie turns you on, please message me. :0) Please make up a funny clown name In the response title so I know you’re a real person. TY.

Ahh. Who ISN'T looking for a clown these days.

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