A long running false rumor about kids who identify as animals and poop in litter boxes has come to the Mitten State. And NO it isn't true.

The Alpena School District Says It Does NOT Have Any Students Identifying As Animals

Alpena School Superintendent David Rabbideau has gone on the record to say there are no children in his district who 'identify' as animals, and none of the schools under his jurisdiction have litter boxes in school restrooms to accommodate them.

According to the Alpena News, concerned residents have been taking school officials to task for allowing students to wear animal ears and tails to schools and barking and meowing to disrupt classes.

“It’s crazy that we’re talking about this,” Principal Katie Lee said at Thunder Bay Junior High School on Wednesday.

During a recent visit by a reporter to the junior high, no animal costumes or accessories were seen.

“It’s really frustrating,” Rabbideau told the News. “People are lobbing these missiles at us and saying, ‘I know better what’s going on.'” He went on to say, none of the accusers has made the slightest effort to find out the truth.

“Is there a child wearing a headband with ears? Possibly,” but, he added, there is no one dressed up or making animal sounds.

The National Rumor Of 'Furry Kids' Has Never Been Shown To Be True

The idea that some elementary school students 'identify' as animals and come to school dressed in costumes and make animal noises has been a long running national falsehood that has been passed on from district to district. Many of the people who keep the rumor afloat are politicians using shock tactics to get reelected.

The rumor gained new ground when popular podcaster Joe Rogan claimed a friend of his who is a teacher has seen the behavior (see video), but he doesn't mention a specific district where such behavior occurred. It has been debunked by many web sites, including Snopes.

As Cenk Uygur of the news site Young Turks says in the video below, 'show us the litter box, show us the kid in the school in a cat outfit. You're not gonna be able to do it because your friend is lying.'

Alpena Is Not The First Michigan District To Be Accused Of Allowing 'Furries'

According to Snopes, the Midland District was accused of harboring similar students back in December of 2021.

A woman presented her case to the Midland School Board shortly before Christmas. She seems sane and logical, but has been sucked into this theory without any proof.

Why Do These Rumors Continue?

Because it's shocking, and it gets attention. We live now in an attention economy, and people like me are fighting for your attention constantly.

If you're a politician, or a media host, saying shocking things will get you engagement, and you acquire a bigger audience for your message.

Like the school game of 'telephone', rumors get repeated over and over again, and change to fit the narrative.

Be careful, and remember the fable of the boy who cried 'wolf'. If we go to the well of shocking too often, nothing is shocking any more, and the real wolf will run rampant.

We live in a time of social changes, and when they happen too quickly, we worry that we can't control things any more. And so the worst possible outcome is put on the table, and we latch onto it. Be careful, and mindful, and learn to embrace logic and reason, both of which require proof.

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