Artist SinGh was banned from ArtPrize a few years back, but he won't go away gently into the good night. He's back trying to tell his side of the story, and promising cash prizes if you read it. 

Let's face it, Artist SinGh (real name Gurmeh Singh), like a fly in the kitchen, can be annoying. Just ask anyone who tried to walk around his 'World's Largest Painting' stunt on Monroe Avenue a few years back. That stunt got him banned for life from ArtPrize.

But he loves attention, and this year, he's giving away $100,000 to get it.

On his web page SinGh says he wants to reward the people of West Michigan for their support, so he's hidden $100,000 in cash around town for ArtPrize 9. In addition, he also says he's left $900,000 in art collectibles around town as well.

The catch?

You have to buy his book 'X the ArtPrize' for $39.99. It allegedly has the code you need to crack to find the treasure.

The book is his side of the story of his battles with the powers that run ArtPrize, a story he claims the media has stifled.

In my book X the ArtPrize, you can find clues to the treasure hunt and read about my fight for artistic freedom. I discuss my interaction with ArtPrize officials: the rich and the powerful. I explain how they buy the media and how the city authorities favor them.


This treasure hunt is my “parting gift” to the people of Michigan, in particular the people of Grand Rapids. The public has been very supportive of me and my art, and I am grateful. I was able to win the Guinness World Record for the World’s Longest Painting. This painting is worth over $700,000. I am giving $100,000 (a small portion from the painting’s sale) to the people as a parting gift.


X the ArtPrize is a multi-layered code. I have designed it to be more difficult than the Detroit Treasure Hunt. X the ArtPrize is really exciting, a challenge for thrill seekers and treasure hunters alike.

ArtPrize buys the media? How come I haven't gotten my check yet? When they send it, I'll be sure to give it away with SinGh's money.

The great thing about this year's stunt is it isn't even original. Some guy named Brian has been hiding money around town for a couple of years now. And his entry fee is only $20, half of SinGh's.

Is this an actual Treasure Hunt, or just another way for SinGh to get attention for himself? It's hard to say. I guess you'll have to buy the book to find out.

Either way, SinGh just can't quit ArtPrize. I honestly love weird BS like this and I'm already looking forward to see what he can cook up for 2018, ArtPrize's tenth anniversary.

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