This is the video that will make your day, ESPECIALLY if you watch until 2 minutes, 20 seconds.

Because the Marine's bosses got mad, he pulled the original clip down. However, it lives on!!

Here's living proof that the movie "Frozen" was immensely successful because it transcended all demographics. Everyone from giggly little kids to battle hardened soldiers enjoyed the story of Elsa and her family.

Here's a group of young Marines enjoying the movie in their downtime at an unnamed military base.  

At first, they just seem to be enjoying a song along to the popular song "Let It Go" from the movie. And just when you think, "Good Lord, not another 'Let It Go' video!," all hell breaks loose.

I really want to know what makes them go nuts at that moment. There has to be some sort of inside platoon joke, or something the character does that Marines are familiar with because nothing else can explain a reaction like this.

I also don't know why their superiors wanted this taken down, because it demonstrates the camaraderie the Marines are known for. HOO-RAH!

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