Most anyone who grew up in Vicksburg heard about the Bloody Run - what is it and why did it get that name? Like any good urban legend, there are lots of stories associated with the name.

The easy one to answer is what and where Bloody Run is. The run is the swampy channel that connects Barton Lake with Kimble Lake. There's a bridge over Bloody Run at 22nd Street just north of Y Avenue.

As for how it got the name Bloody Run, no one can answer that, but there are plenty of tales. Many came up recently on the Vickburg Michigan: Around the Village Facebook group.

The Blood Spilling Fight Stories of Bloody Run

Three stories for the origin of Bloody Run come from the area's Native American population. Either it was a fight between two competing tribes, a fight between a Native and white settler or an area where fish and game were killed and skinned.

Another fight story is that two early pioneers were neighbors on either side of the creek and fought over the land.

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The Natural Explanation for Bloody Run

This comment on Facebook gives an answer more based on nature

Honestly, I think it’s because of the water. It will turn rust color when we have a massive influx of rain. I’m guessing with all the clay in the area, that’s where the color comes from. Possibly even sediments from the old mill in Vicksburg.

As anyone without a water softener in Kalamazoo County can attest, our water can run plenty rusty.

No matter what the reason for the name, Bloody Run is a great fishing spot and even better urban legend.

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