From 40 to 0 in less than two days, with a significant amount of snow tossed in for fun.

A big storm is brewing for Michigan Tuesday night into Wednesday. How much snow we will get here in West Michigan is still up in the air, but expect at least three inches.

Some parts of Michigan, mostly south and east of the Grand Rapids metro, could get upwards of eight inches to possibly as much as 17 inches of snow.

Right now, it appears GR will get anywhere between 3 and 6 inches.

But the big story is going to be the rising temperatures beginning Tuesday, which will lead to the storm starting out as rain, and then turning to snow into Wednesday morning.

The temperatures will drop quickly Wednesday afternoon, and temps will dip into the single digits with below zero wind chills Thursday night into Friday morning. The arctic chill will last at least through Saturday, before temps pop up closer to normal for this time of year on Sunday afternoon.

While sudden dips in temps are nothing new to lifelong Michigan residents, it is going to result in some pretty terrible travel conditions if you have to travel south and east Friday or Saturday, and may impact events scheduled in those areas.

The winds on the back side of this storm system could bring some lake effect snows west of the city toward the Lakeshore regions Saturday as well.

Also the shift from rain into sleet and freezing rain before the snows could hamper crews trying to stay ahead of the storm.

From the FOX 17 weather center:

As of now, West Michigan is expected to see rain developing Tuesday afternoon/evening, then transition to snow showers late evening and overnight into Wednesday. The snow is likely to continue through Thursday. Locations along/south of the I-94 corridor and east toward Jackson, Ann Arbor, and Detroit, could have moments of freezing rain and mixed precipitation during the transition to all snow. These areas are also likely to see the highest snowfall totals, perhaps approaching a foot!


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