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Where To Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day in GR
Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 28 is NATIONAL CHICKEN WING DAY Celebrate and get your fingers dirty tomorrow at a few of Grand Rapids' Favorites for Chicken Wings.
Z's FINE FOOD AND GOOD SPIRITS: So great to see Z's reopen, they were one of the bars most affected with their windows being sm…
The Farm to Table craze has been going on for over a decade. The idea is to Support Local Restaurants and businesses that have relationships with Michigan Farms or producers and then sell food, cheese and other items that's grown within 150 miles of home...
The weather has been perfect this week in West Michigan. So why not take advantage of all the options to do things outside in Downtown Grand Rapids.
FOOD TRUCKS: They're Back on Thursdays for Lunch Time.
Here are the rest of the options for dinner and drinks and you have plenty of options...
It's hard to know what's open or closed in Grand Rapids. As we explore...wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. Here's what's going on
FOUNDERS BREWING CO: OPEN for business. They were so busy last weekend there was a wait to get in...
GR: Free Wine Tastings
Why wait until Wednesday for some wine tasting? Enjoy some free wine after work on Mondays.
House of Wine is open for business on 53 Monroe Center St NW right next to Brick & Porter. They were one of the lucky businesses downtown that only had spray paint and no broken windows and that's…

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