Can you imagine hanging out in a field during a beautiful Spring day surrounded by the cutest and fluffiest animals you've ever seen? That dream could be a reality as Cotton Creek Farms is hosting a free family event where you get to hang out in the field with a bunch of fuzzy alpacas and a llama. Saturday April 23rd from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. they'll be hosting the event which they're very excited about:

We'll be shearing in May, so the alpacas are all big, fluffy, and full of love. This will be one of the last times to view them before they receive their spring haircuts. If you'd like to play with a giant, living teddy bear, you'll want to see the alpacas before shearing. - Enter the raffle for a free gift basket full of alpaca goodies that include a 100% alpaca throw, stuffed alpaca, Christmas ornament, coloring book, and more.

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The farm has over 60 alpacas in the farm, a few of which that have had babies this month, which you also get to meet at the event. You also get to feed the alpacas and even take selfies with them. they also have a 1,200 square foot store with alpaca merch as well.

Most recently here locally, the CanDo Acres in Paw Paw invited the public to their farm on Saturday, September 25th for National Alpaca Open Farm Day. If you're worried about getting spit on, I wouldn't worry, as they usually that when they're feeling threatened or annoyed. because of that and other reasons, the farm is asking you keep dogs at home during this event.

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