Some people just can't keep their hands off each other.

Last Friday, September 30th, 2022, a couple was arrested at Cedar Point after allegedly being caught doing something naughty. A 17-year-old park visitor spotted the couple doing something out of the ordinary and filmed it to show the police.

The young witness reported to authorities that she saw the woman's hand inside the zipper of the man's pants and "making a back-and-forth motion." After reviewing the video, officers approached the couple for questioning.

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At first, the 38-year-old man denied any type of wrongdoing in the park. However, he did say that the couple was "very intimate with each other" since they have only begun dating. After being questioned, the man and the woman, who is also 38 years old, were arrested by Sandusky police. After being taken to the Erie County Sheriff's Office, the couple will face an upgrade charge to a second-degree misdemeanor. The public indecency charge was upgraded because the act was witnessed by a minor.

The big question is why? Both of these people are grown adults and know better. How the hell do you even get into the mood in a situation like that? You are surrounded by families and, since it happened during Halloweekends, you are also surrounded by creepy clowns and other weirdness. It just doesn't make sense to me.

It's unfortunate that that poor 17-year-old girl had to see that, but she definitely did the right thing and they ended up in jail.

Source: WILX

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