The next time you fly out of the Gerald R Ford International Airport you’re going to notice some changes all thanks to COVID-19.

A lot of changes are being made right now as the airport prepares for the return of travelers very soon. Shuttle buses are getting wiped down after each trip there now more hand sanitizers throughout the airport terminal and well it’s not required mass will be recommended. According to WOODTV.

The seating areas are also being reconfigured and are currently looking at how to change the restaurant layouts as well. Expect to see Plexiglas partitions up in spots around the airport where travelers have to interact with employees.

Airport officials told WOODTV that the main goal will be making sure people are practicing safe social distancing.

WOODTV also reports that TSA has made adjustments, allowing travelers to carry up to 12 ounces of hand sanitizer as well as requiring their employees to wear masks and gloves. Also both through the TSA line and throughout the airport there are markings on the floor now reminding people of their safe distance.

The airport has also stepped up disinfecting high touch areas as well as still having a company that comes in overnight and disinfects the airport terminal and offices with a disinfectant fogger several times a week.

airport spokeswoman Tara Hernandez, spokeswoman for the airport told WOODTV,

“It’ll be different. It’ll be quieter. It’ll be asking people to comply with social distancing, be safe, be clean."

Airport management said their goal is to work with all the airport operators to make travelers' time at the airport from the parking lots to the planes "seamless and touchless" the WOODTV story says.

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