As the resident cranky old guy, I know the value of a good 'you kids don't know how good you got it!' line. But I refrain from doing it because it does zero good in the long run.

'Jack' is a Tech student who does a vlog for the University, located in the snow belt of the UP in Houghton.

He did a pretty good video illustrating some of the challenges of a snowy winter, and trying his best to demonstrate that current Michigan Tech students aren't 'soft' for getting three days off this winter.

(Three?!! After over 300 inches of snow! I know kids in GR who have had entire weeks off for way less than that!)

So the first comments to Jack's post on the MTU Facebook page were as follows:

1) Sorry Jack, but you are getting soft !! I attended MTU in 1978 when the area set a record with over 350 inches of snow. The school only closed for 1 day that winter. Have fun shoveling 
2) I was there (as a visiting postdoc from the UK) that year, too. 360" is right - these young ones don't know they are alive!
Cranky old guys are alive and well! I don't even want to get into what these guys' dads probably told them about how soft THEY were for getting ONE day off.

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